Job Description

Advanced Technologies and Services Inc. is a 25-year-old company working in the communications and utility space. Our clients include the largest companies in the world, and we are seeking a person with management level potential to help us grow our AI and data analytics practice. Our candidate must be energetic, curious, and intelligent and must possess a burning desire to please our customers. This position provides a unique opportunity to deploy the most advanced cloud-based tools and technologies to our client base.  Our candidate will have tremendous leeway in coming up with innovative solutions for our clients.  This is a unique opportunity for personal growth and development. 

What You Need for this Position

Primary responsibilities:


Work with the COO and members of our technical staff to develop and build new technologies, approaches, designs and products for existing and new clients

  • Develop and run data base queries
  • Develop and run software code and/or scripts that satisfy customer driven requirements or internal company driven needs
  • Function in a team-based work environment or individually as required
  • Develop tools and/or utilize commercially available tools to mine customer data and identify trends
  • Develop AI tools to analyze and trend customer data
  • Actively seek out anomalies in customer data and identify root cause of outliers
  • Document and install new application software through a standard Change Management process
  • Project manage and QA all assigned work


Client support

  • Provide technical support to clients using all ATS applications
  • Research and resolve problems escalated by the customer or ATS team members


Technical Skills required:

  •  SQL/Big query
  •  Python
  •  Linux
  •  Machine learning tools (E.G. Prophet, tensor flow)
  •  Google Cloud/Amazon AWS


Mandatory traits: (all are necessary)

  • Excellent communication skills
  •  Natural curiosity
  •  Good lazy (let’s do things once)
  •  Love of new technology and tools
  •  Desire to create value
  •  Ability to innovate
  •  Passion for work
  •  Love of detail



  • 2-3 years’ experience in data analytics, and/or AI,


Measure of success:

  •  Contract renewals
  •  New revenue opportunities identified
  •  Client feedback
  • The degree to which the COO can delegate and leave this position alone
  •  End to end responsibility for successful project implementation
  • Ability and desire to learn and apply new technologies


Job Location:  Wyckoff, New Jersey. Applicant must live in NY metropolitan area


Travel requirements:

  • This job may require periodic travel to visit customer sites, support installation functions, and in working with various operations and sales support activities.



This position is compensated on a base salary and performance-based bonus. Company offers Medical , Dental ,and 401k.



  •  This position reports to the COO



  • Candidate must be a US citizen



Number of vacancy

10 .


5 years



Job Location

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